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(LA-2-MOTOR) Alaska 2 Motor Electric Lift and Recline Chair Sizes XS S M L XL

Alaska 2 Motor Electric Lift and Recline Chair  Sizes XS  S  M  L  XL
Alaska 2 Motor Electric Lift and Recline Chair  Sizes XS  S  M  L  XL
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Electric Lift and Recline Chair, Alaska, 2 Motor, Fabric, Extra Small for 5'0 or under. Featuring all the same capabilities as the single motor lift chair, the dual motor lift chair boasts the added benefit of laying completely flat. You also receive more leg and back positions. Excellent for the elderly or anyone with mobility issues. Dimensions (mm) -Length - 810 -Depth - 1000 -Height - 1100

W: 0 H: 810 D: 1000  (mm)
Liberty HealthCare
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An electric recliner chair is intended for use by entitled persons with clinical conditions causing a permanent inability to transfer or sit erect. There should be evidence that physiotherapy treatment cannot improve the client’s dysfunction. Electric recliner chairs cannot be approved: when the clinical needs can be met by current furniture or by modifying current furniture; for comfort only; primarily for use as a bed; or primarily for management of lower limb oedema * When treating lower limb oedema it is important to be aware of current best practice that informs health providers that elevation of the feet below the level of the heart is ineffective and should be avoided. Best practice includes: calf pumping exercises, regular walks and elevation of lower limbs on a bed. Functional assessment should include assessment of: transfers; ability to sit in an erect position; ability to operate the chair safely; and trial of simpler equipment for example other types of high back chairs,
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