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(1655979) Lifter Invacare ISA Stand Up with Electrical Legs

Lifter  Invacare ISA Stand Up with Electrical Legs
Lifter  Invacare ISA Stand Up with Electrical Legs
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Who can prescribe?
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Registered Nurse
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"The ISA stand assist lifter is designed to support transfers for people with some weight bearing ability but who are unable to stand unaided. The intuitive design enables family members and carers to easily affect an efficient lift, while the flexible adjustments allow for adaptation to the needs of a wider range of body types without compromising on the ergonomic function. New ergonomic design features, such as more naturally shaped hand grips assist those with limited dexterity while the wide range of settings for the lower leg support comfortably accommodates many different leg lengths. The extendable lifting arm can easily be set according to the body shape and height required and this makes the ISA a practical choice for Community or Residential Care settings where it may be used for multiple people."

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Includes full body hoists or standing hoists. Ceiling hoist requires prior approval from the Department. Functional assessment should be undertaken to determine: Mobility and transfers e.g. bed to chair, chair to commode; and Alternative simpler methods or equipment that enables safe transfers. A home trial of the hoist is to be completed where practical. Where it is not practical to be trialled in the home, simulation of home transfer situations should be undertaken. Education and training on the safe hoist and sling operation is essential and should be undertaken in the presence of the Health Provider. Product assessment includes recommendation of the most appropriate hoist and sling in relation to assessed functional need, individual weight and measurements.
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