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(B41253) Bioskin Patella Stabilizer Large

Bioskin Patella Stabilizer Large
Bioskin Patella Stabilizer Large
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Who can prescribe?
  • Chiropractor
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  • Specialist (includes all medical specialists in relevant field)
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BIOSKIN PATELLA STABILIZER - Effective for patellar stabilization and treating anterior knee pain. Interchangeable horseshoe or donut buttresses, along with a unique strapping system that minimises migrataion. LARGE - measure mid patella 41cm to 43 cm and measure 18cm above mid patella 56cm to 64cm.

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Approval required if exceeds $1222.00 per year or 3 per year
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Functional Product
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This item would be provided as part of an overall rehabilitation management plan. For knee braces over $1222.00 per year an orthopaedic surgeon should nominate a specific brace. Approval required if exceeds $341 per item or 3 per year.
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