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(ICA9000) Intelliclean Air 9000 Bidet

Intelliclean Air 9000 Bidet
Intelliclean Air 9000 Bidet
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Who can prescribe?
  • Continence Adviser (RN or Physiotherapist Continence Adviser)
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Specialist (includes all medical specialists in relevant field)
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The InteliClean Air 9000 Series has all the standard features, such as: -Bottom wash -Ladies wash -Air dryer -Enema spray -Child function. Advanced features of this bidet include: -A multi-position 5-step nozzle adjustment -A pulse and oscillate settings for cleaner wash.

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YES - Limit one per residence
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Functional, home environment and product assessments should be undertaken to determine: ·          Entitled person’s function and whether equipment is indicated to facilitate independence/safety; ·          The specific item that is required depending on the entitled person’s functional need, carer ability to provide assistance etc; and ·          Education and training required for safe use of the equipment and any additional advice on techniques that enhance safety and independence. Trial of simpler aids and alternatives for personal hygiene must be demonstrated in the first instance.
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